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Mahlon Loomis "invented" the radio 20 years before Marconi. Dr. Mahlon Loomis was the "sender of first aerial signals, 1866-73, fore-runner of wireless telegraphy. Signals were sent 14 miles, using kites flown by copper wires. Patented in 1872.

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Originally chartered in 1860 as Portland, after Portland, Maine. Incorporated in 1890 by Circuit Court. Formerly known as Cranberry summit from the abundant yield of cranberries found there at the time. Incorporated as Terra Alta in 1890. Name derived from the Latin meaning “high land”.

Hopemont State Hospital is located near here. Alpine Lodge, a multi-million dollar winter and summer resort is located outside of Terra Alta. Fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, skiing, golf and modern restaurant. Cabins and camping facilities.

Population, 1,771; elevation, 2,559 feet; volunteer fire department; elections held every two years on the second Tuesday in June; officials take office July first.

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